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REVIEW: Good Luck Chuck

Good Luck Chuck

Year: 2007
Director: Mark Helfrich
Starring: Dane Cook, Jessica Alba, Dan Fogler, Ellia English, Steve Bacic
Distributor: Lionsgate
MPAA: Rated R

Good Luck Chuck is just your average comedy film with alot of sex scenes and the trailer really shows that. I'm not sure if these types of movies still do great at the box office, but Good Luck Chuck did pretty decent and grossed an estimated $56 million worldwide. I wouldn't think the budget is too big for a movie like this so I'm sure it passed its budget. When I first saw the trailer for this film, I thought it looked like another teen comedy that we have seen before and to no surprise, I was right. After seeing this film, I can say its just your average teen comedy that feels like it should have been a direct to video release instead of a theatrical one.

Plot Outline:
Charlie Logan (Dane Cook) is a man whose been cursed since grade school by a weird tall goth girl to never find love, but those women that date him will find true love with the next guy. Charlie accidentally falls in love with the clumsy penguin loving Cam Wexler (Jessica Alba), but the same curse that inadvertently makes him extremely popular with the ladies causes him to stay away from Cam until he finds a way to reverse the curse and get rid of it.

The story of Good Luck Chuck isn't very original and sounds kind of lame. The whole movie is about Chuck getting laid about fifty times or so just because women think hes some kind of good luck charm. To me it feels like the story was written at the last second or with no creative time put into it. It just feels too tacked on. The plot feels wasted and un-original. If I wanted to see a movie about a person getting laid, Id go watch American Pie. The characters act accordingly with the usual romance sequences we all have gotten use to so theirs nothing special. Even though the story was bad, I still found some enjoyment in some scenes and when I mean some, I mean very little. Overall, the story is mostly a miss situation where it wont be bad if you see it, but its something you don't need to see.

The cast of the film is alright I guess. I wouldn't rank the cast as giving a great performance, but rather a low performance that seems like it does the job right. Dane Cook plays the main character Chuck and hes very dumb in his role. Although, I'm not a really big fan of Cooks work, he seemed pretty straight forward and dumb in this movie. Its almost as if he didn't belong in the film. Jessica Alba plays Cam Wexler and shes pretty hot in this film. I give credit for her looking very sweet and lovely, but even she doesn't help this film much. She seems to be doing her job pretty good, but nothing special in terms of performances. Then we have Dan Fogler who plays Stu Kaminsky and hes pretty funny in the film, but gets kind of annoying at times simply because he talks too much. The rest of the cast isn't really special, but I guess they contribute to the film.

The movie doesn't really offer much in the visual department since this is just your average teen movie with no special effects or high explosive. However, the film does have a pretty colorful feel to it. At times, they seem muted, but they still have a vibrant feel to them. I didn't detect any film grain and thought the movies source was clean. Skin tones look precise and accurate with many of the cast looking pretty good in the movie. Detail is also very sharp which results in a clean image that should please people. While I wasn't blown away by the quality of this movie, I did think the movie looked pretty good for a standard DVD.

The film's soundtrack is pretty bad considering whats in it. The film doesn't have a powerful score or anything since its just a typical comedy so I guess I can be fair in that, but the overall film just doesn't have any music that feels like it belongs in this movie. The credits do have music and they do sound pretty decent, but the whole movie as a whole is missing alot in terms of good music. A movie like this would have definitely benefited from some lively music. Since the movie is a comedy, we do get our jokes and laughter's with some of them actually being pretty funny. Their are some parts where the jokes don't seem too funny, but are taken like they are, but at least the dialogue seemed pretty crisp.

Good Luck Chuck is a comedy that should have sent directly to home video rather than theaters. The story is pretty lame with no interesting moments and only a few rare scenes of enjoyment. The cast seems pretty lazy with no real effort put into it, but at the same time, pretty average. The jokes are pretty funny when they work. The film doesn't feature a heavy use of music although what we get is what we get. I think you can safely pass up on Good Luck Chuck because its definitely not worth a purchase, but if you are that type of person who likes these teen type movies then I guess you can give it a rental. I do however suggest you check out other movies that have the same plot like American Pie before sinking your teeth in this film.

Grade: D

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