Tuesday, February 19, 2008

REVIEW: Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3

Year: 2007
Director: Sam Raimi
Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace
Distributor: Columbia Pictures
MPAA: Rated PG-13

Spider-Man 3 marks the third and final conclusion to this epic trilogy. It was one of the most anticipated films of 2007. I was so curious as to what will happen. I mean this is probably going to be the last in the Spider-Man trilogy so it better be a slam dunk or else people will remember it for being trash. Everything was going so well to its evidential release. The announcement of Venom and Sandman as the main villains, the return of director Sam Raimi, one could argue that everything was going so well. So then what went wrong? simple: the story. While Spider-Man 3 might have been a huge success grossing an estimated $890 million worldwide passing the record set by the first film, it was criticized alot by many of the critics around the world for its lack of story. Being an avid Spider-Man fan like me, knew that Sony and Marvel had set the bar too high even for them to capitalize on it.

Plot Outline:
Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is happy with the success and fame of being Spider-Man. His girlfriend Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) is the lead star of a musical show in Broadway and he wants to propose her. After encountering a battle with Harry Osborn (James Franco), Harry is hit on the head and has amnesia. Meanwhile, the small time crook Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church), who had actually killed Peter's uncle, escapes from prison and is accidentally submitted to an experiment in a sand pit of a laboratory that transforms him into the Sandman. Parker is also threatened at work by an ambitious photographer named Eddie Brock (Topher Grace). His life turns upside down when an alien being becomes attached to him, increasing his aggressiveness and dark side.

The story is any Spider-Man fans worst nightmare. After coming hot off the heels of Spider-Man 2, the story of Spider-Man 3 was surely going to disappoint and it did just that. The story becomes more darker from the previous film since this is going to focus on the black suit spider. The plot is lacking alot of character development with way too many characters each trying to get their own parts in the movie while still keeping that movie run time around 2 hours and 19 minutes. Their is also alot of plot holes that just ruin the experience. I mean sure the previous Spider-Man films had minor plot holes here and their, but Spider-Man 3 makes those films look like child's play. Their are so many things just wrong with the story. Many of the settings, characters and etc. are changed alot from the comics. This is going to disappoint any real Spider-Man fan knowing that the story isn't even on tack with the comic books. As the last in the series, I was hoping Spider-Man 3 would go out with a bang and end up being really good, but sadly it isn't. Spider-Man 3 is decent at best.

Tobey Maguire once again returns to don the suit as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and hes great. This film marks the third time Tobey Maguire playing the same role and hes definitely gotten better compared to the first film. Kirsten Dunst is back as Mary Jane Watson and shes great also. Even though she does look much skinner than before, she does a pretty good job in her role. James Franco also returns as Harry Osborn and he seems more relaxed this time around. Thomas Haden Church plays as Flint Marko/Sandman and hes a good choice to be playing Flint. Hes tall and well built for the part so nothing wrong here. Topher Grace plays as Eddie Brock, Jr./Venom and he might seem like the weird choice to be playing venom, but its nice to see the studio went with someone that is almost on the same level as Tobey Maguire. He does a pretty good job as both Eddie Brock, Jr. and Venom although it would have been better if Venom had a more deeper vocal voice.

The visual effects in Spider-Man 3 are top notch. Having been the latest one in the franchise, Spider-Man 3 benefits from pristine source and clearer image. The CGI is nice and fluid with the animations looking pretty great. Sandman and Venom both look very well produced with their costumes and super powers looking pretty amazing. Their are moments in the film that are breath taking and well considered demo material. If Spider-Man 3 definitely excels in one area, its the special effects. Everything looks just right with the black levels look nice and solid. Sony and the special effects team really did an excellent job here because Spider-Man 3 looks fantastic.

The soundtrack in Spider-Man 3 is pretty good for the most parts. Danny Elfman who composed the score for the first Spider-Man films decided not to score this one since he was having creative difference with the crew. So what we do get is a score from Christopher Young who also scored films such as Entrapment and Swordfish. While I was worried that Elfman not returning would make the score for Spider-Man 3 feel not as powerful and creative as the first two films, I was somewhat surprised to see it didn't. The score Young composed of is quite good actually and goes pretty well with whats going on the screen. We get many mellow beats mixed with powerful violin notes and it all just sounds good. The bass is also cranked up higher than the previous films with many of the material sounding loud and clear. While the music in Spider-Man 3 isn't as great as the second film this is still reference material right here.

Spider-Man 3 is supposedly the final chapter in this Marvel trilogy, yet its the weaker one in the trilogy. The story is lacking alot of character development and its a Spider-Man fans worst nightmare, but its still decent. The cast is good with many of the cast members from the previous installments returning. The visual effects are simply great with many of the scenes just looking marvelous. The soundtrack is although not as wicked and creative as the first and second film, its still pretty good for the most part. Ill admit it that Spider-Man 3 was a real disappointment simply because it had alot going for it, but it just couldn't get everything to work as it did in Spider-Man 2. I think this film is best suited for a rental for some partial enjoyment.

Grade: C-

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