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REVIEW: Dumb & Dumber

Dumb & Dumber

Year: 1994
Director: Peter Farrelly & Bobby Farrelly
Starring: Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Lauren Holly, Charles Rocket, Victoria Rowell
Distributor: New Line Cinema
MPAA: Rated PG-13

Coming hot off the heels of Ace Ventura and The Mask, Jim Carrey starts in this comedy flick. This movie is probably the most Jim Carrey's favorite movie by most people. The movie not only launched Jim Carrey's career to stardom, but also Jeff Daniels too. The movie that was only made for $16 million, grossed an estimated $246 million worldwide. This film is one of my favorite Jim Carrey classic. I have probably laughed to this film so many times that It still cracks me up even to this day. After awhile of waiting, I finally decided tho give this baby another go so I can review it and I'm happy to say, its as funny as it was before.

Plot Outline:
An idiot named Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) spends his days as a limo driver until this one day when he gets fired for pulling a hit and run. But, you see he was attempting to return a lost briefcase to a pretty passenger named Mary (Lauren Holly). His best friend and roommate Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) has also been fired from his job as a dog trimmer. With no money, no job and nowhere to go, the two decide to pack it up and move to Aspen to return Mary's briefcase. Little do they know that her lost briefcase is actually something much more.

The story of Dumb & Dumber is pretty good. Its plot is really simple and pretty straight forward. The movie doesn't feature anything in the story that might be something new. The story makes it look like another teen comedy yet that's not what it really is. We get introduced to these lovable characters that are stupid in many ways, but still show us how to have fun. The movie also lacks a more important ending. Its ends in a way that makes it look like their could possibly be a sequel coming, but for no reason, their ain't. It ends in an unhappy way that isn't typical of a movie like this. While the story might not be has creative and great as say The Truman Show, but its funny as hell. Dumb & Dumber is probably Carrey's funniest movie ever because almost every joke is recognizable and makes sense.

The cast of Dumb & Dumber is great. Jim Carrey plays as Lloyd Christmas and he gives a very enjoyable performance. Hes really funny and so dimwitted that it makes him playing his character perfect. Carrey isn't replaceable as Lloyd Christmas. We also get Jeff Daniels playing as Harry Dunne and he does a good job in his role. This is probably my favorite Jeff Daniels film even though Pleasantville comes real close. Lauren Holly plays as Mary Swanson and shes pretty typical in her role. Shes nothing special , but she definitely gets the job done. Victoria Rowell plays as Beth Jordan and she gets kinda annoying early on in the film, although her character doesn't appear too much in the film. She still does an average job at best.

The visual look of Dumb & Dumber isn't anything special. The film doesn't boast any CGI type effects since this movie is a pretty typical film. While the movie may be another comedy flick, its certainly got pretty colors. Colors tend to have a bold look to them. They aren't bright and vivid as I would have liked them to be, but they still hold up. Skin tones look great with a warm look to them. Detail isn't very good with some shots looking kind of soft while others looking decent. I think New Line did a pretty decent job delivering this film on DVD and hopefully they release a special edition remastered version in the future.

The music of Dumb & Dumber although pretty good, isn't anything to brag about. The film has many mixtures of music spread through out the movie, but doesn't feature a score that's built from the ground up for this movie only. Just like your average comedy, the movie has many music that is pretty well picked out for this film. Many of the noise goes with whats on screen so I'm pretty happy about the soundtrack. Dialogue is also pretty crisp with voices sounding pretty genuine and clear. Bass is somewhat transparent with some low bases here and their.

Dumb & Dumber is a pretty enjoyable movie. This movie may be considered Jim Carrey's most funniest and best movies of all time and I certainly agree on the the part about being the funniest. The story is pretty good, but nothing original. Although the jokes are pretty hilarious, the story kinda of drags. The cast is great with the main characters giving great performances. The visual look of the movie is very sharp and detailed for a comedy. Dumb & Dumber is easily recommended by me because of how much I enjoyed this film. Its certainly one of the most funniest movies of our time even if you have already seen it. I would definitely give it a rent if you haven checked it out already.

Grade: C+

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