Monday, March 03, 2008

REVIEW: The Incredibles

The Incredibles

Year: 2004
Director: Brad Bird
Starring: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Spencer Fox, Sarah Vowell, Jason Lee
Distributor: Buena Vista Pictures
MPAA: Rated PG

The Incredibles was released on November of 2004 by Disney. I didn't think another superhero type movie like this was going to be Disney's next project, but surprisingly it did great at the box office. Grossing an estimated $631 million worldwide on a $92 million budget, The Incredibles really sold well. Whats even better was that the film was welcomed with open arms by many of the film critics around the world. While I didn't get the chance to see The Incredibles during its theatrical run, I did however see it on a flight back from Germany and thought it was great.

Plot Outline:
Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson) a.k.a. Mr. Incredible, is a retired superhero who lives with his wife Helen (Holly Hunter) a.k.a. Elastgirl who is also retired. They have three children, the quite Violet (Sarah Vowell), energetic Dashiell (Spencer Fox) and their baby Jack. The reason for Bob and Helen's retirement is that people who were injured during a rescue or who didn't want to be rescued at all had started suing their rescuers. As the payouts began costing the government too much, all superheroes were granted amnesty on the charge that they retired and led normal lives. Now, fifteen years later Bob, now blading and overweight, is dying in his job as an insurance claims consultant and wants nothing more than to be saving people again.

The story of The Incredibles is pretty good. While I didn't expect another superhero type movie to actually be good since their were so many that had the same concept, but The Incredibles pulls it off. The plot is entertaining to watch and works for the most part. I was quite surprised that Disney chose to do a superhero movie rather than another Toy Story, but boy did they have something up their sleeves because The Incredibles manages to pull another for Disney. The characters are lovable and really great to watch. The only real grip is that this movie does seem alittle un-Disney like. I mean sure the visual effects look outstanding, but the whole movie just feels alittle bit more tuned up and a beefier Disney movie. The jokes and funnies in the movie doesn't seem right for children, but rather accurate for teens. Its not really a problem, but its something that is quite interesting to take note of. I was still pleased with the films story because of how much fun it is to watch it.

I'm starting to get really shocked on how Disney always manages to select the right type of celebrities to voice these amazing characters they create. Craig T. Nelson voices Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr and he does a great job at it. His voice seems just about right for his characters appearance. Holly Hunter voices Elastigirl/Helen Parr and shes just as great with her talented voice. She has great chemistry with Nelson's Mr. Incredible and I thought she did a great job in her role. Jason Lee voices Syndrome/Buddy Pine and hes pretty good in his role. I didn't expect Jason Lee to be playing the main villain in the film, but once again I was surprised on how well he portrayed Syndrome. Samuel L. Jackson voices Lucius Best/Frozone and he gives a pretty good performance. While Jackson is in the film, his character isn't as big as Nelson's or Hunter's character so he doesn't get alot of screen time.

The visual effects for The Incredibles are simply outstanding. While I wouldn't say they are more better and fluid as say Ratatouille which Brad Bird also directed, but they still pack enough punch to amaze you. The colors are spot on with many outdoor shots looking amazing. Detail is also very strong with many of the characters boasting incredible sharpness to them. Skin tones are perfect with the characters looking very warm and colorful. The animation isn't as crazy as Ratatouille, but its still much better than some of Disney's previous films. Disney hit it out of the ball park once again because The Incredibles looks fantastic and is easily something to watch out for on Blu Ray high def when it eventually comes out.

The soundtrack for The Incredibles is also top notch. Michael Giacchino who also composed many Call of Duty games for Infinity Wards composes another great hit for The Incredibles. The film boasts a great score that seems made for this movie. It goes really well with the film's story and settings. The music also feels alive and engaging. Its full of beats and drum work. We also get a very good amount of bass that rumbles through out the entire movie. Dialogue is also very great with voices sounding very crisp and fluid. Overall, I was very satisfied with the films soundtrack and thought it went extremely well with the movies comic type look.

The Incredibles is a great entertaining movie that is really fun to watch. The story although not original is still pretty good and enjoyable. The cast is great with many of their voices fitting perfectly with the film's characters. The visual effects are simply outstanding with many moments that are quite breathtaking. The music is live and kicking with the film getting a very good score to go with the look of the movie. I would easily recommend this movie to teens or adults, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to children simply because the movie doesn't feature a story that is funny or easy to follow like Toy Story. I hope Disney comes around and gives us a sequel to this movie because we all know their could very much be one and I'm dieing to know whats next for The Incredibles.

Grade: B+

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