Saturday, April 05, 2008

REVIEW: Superbad


Year: 2007
Director: Greg Mottola
Starring: Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Bill Hader, Seth Rogen
Distributor: Columbia Pictures
MPAA: Rated R

Superbad came out only 2 months after Knocked Up and it did great. Trailers for the movie were shown with copies of Knocked Up. Since Knocked Up was so so successful because Judd Apatow directed, it was only common that Superbad be the same even though Apatow was only serving as a producer for the film. Its like every movie that came out after Knocked Up and had Apatow written somewhere in the credits was bound to do good. Superbad did quite good in theaters grossing an estimated $169 million worldwide on a budget of only $20 million. While the movie didn't top Knocked Up's box office record, it did manage to beat its budget by alot. When I first saw the trailer for Superbad, I thought it looked pretty cool. Nothing special, but a pretty good comedy film. To no surprise, I was pretty spot on.

Plot Outline:
Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) are best friends. Seth, is a loudmouthed 18 year old whose only goal in his last weeks of high school, is to get laid. Evan on the other hand is more quiet and shy compared to his best friend. Seth wants to make Jules (Emma Stone) his girlfriend and hopefully have sex with her. Evan just wants to express his feelings for Becca (Martha MacIsaac), the girl of his dreams. When Jules tells Seth that she is throwing a party, she invites Seth. Seth tells her that he'll get the alcohol since his friend Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is getting a fake ID. This causes Seth, Evan and Fogell to go on a adventure before they go to the party.

The story of Superbad is actually pretty good. The movie was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg who first came up with this story when they were 13 years old. The plot is pretty simple and kind of cheesy. The movie kind of reminds me of American Pie in a way. So we could throw originality out the window. The film doesn't really have a story that's as cleaver as Knocked Up. Its just a story about getting beer and getting laid. For a movie that focuses on these two subjects especially for almost 2 hours is kind of boring because its happened in the past with other movies. The movie still manages to keep the audience entertained with its raunchy jokes and events that happen. The movie is definitely funnier than Knocked Up which I reviewed a couple days ago. If their was one thing that really annoyed me about Superbad was the loudmouth cursing. I have not seen a movie that uses the "F" word this much, not even Pulp Fiction comes close to the amount used in this film. That's my only real complaint about this movie, but other than that its a pretty good movie.

The cast of Superbad is also pretty good. Jonah Hill plays as Seth and he does a good job in his role. He seemed like the only one that really enjoyed what he was doing. Michael Cera plays as Evan and he too does a good job in his role. This movie really launched his career to stardom because he managed to have a role in the movie Juno which I gave high claim to. Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays as Fogell and for his first movie ever, he does a good job. People at the theaters especially the audience loved him in his role and thought he was really funny. I happen to somewhat agree with those people. Bill Hader plays as Officer Slater and hes really funny in the movie. I quite enjoyed his performance and thought he did good in the movie. We also have Seth Rogen playing as Officer Michaels and while his performance isn't as great as it was in Knocked Up is still pretty entertaining in this film.

The visual look of Superbad is kind of in the same league as Knocked Up. Being a recent release, the movie benefits from pristine source so their isn't any grain visible that I could detect. The movie features bright vibrant colors that are quite noticeable when in doors. If I were to nitpick on whats wrong with the picture is that it can be somewhat soft in some scenes. While the movie looks pretty sharp and vivid for the most part, it has some softness to it that's visible in some scenes. In the end, I was pleased with the look of the movie. Its nothing that's going to blow you away, but at the same time, its pretty good for a movie like this.

The soundtrack for Superbad is pretty great. While the movie doesn't feature alot of music like Knocked Up did, it does have music that goes well with whats on the screen. The music is composed by Lyle Workman who also composed the popular hit, The 40 Year Old Virgin. I didn't detect any score for the film, but I really enjoyed the music in the intro. I thought it was a pretty good way of starting off the film. The music the film is mostly comprised of mixes that seem pretty right for a typical high school movie. This isn't a bad thing because somehow the music matches whats going on the screen. Dialogue is also clear and pristine especially with alot of dialogue in the movie. Bass used mostly in areas of the movie that consist of music, but its still pretty good for a comedy like this.

Superbad is a good movie and I enjoyed it very much. I thought the story was pretty good even though its nothing original. The cast was very solid with alot of the cast members looking like they enjoyed what they were doing. The visual look of the movie is somewhat soft in some scenes, but offers vibrant colors. The soundtrack is great with alot of good mixes that go well with whats going on. I know people out their are going to compare Superbad to Knocked Up because its mostly from the same writers and because they came out so close to each other. Ill be the first one to say it, but I enjoyed Knocked Up alittle more. I thought Superbad was more funnier than Knocked Up, but Knocked Up had a better story and the story counts the most. loved both movies, but tend to favor Knocked Up alittle more. I can recommend this movie to those who enjoy adult rated comedies and to those who have seen Knocked Up or The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Grade: B-

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