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Year: 2003
Director: Ang Lee
Starring: Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliott, Nick Nolte, Josh Lucas
Distributor: Universal Pictures
MPAA: Rated PG-13

The first time I heard of Hulk coming to the big screen was when I saw that lame teaser trailer. Now, I say lame because the teaser hardly showed anything and I know it was only a teaser, but I was expecting alittle more. Then slowly new things started coming along with some posters and a great trailer. It was than that I was alittle excited for this movie. Ill admit that I haven't read any of the Hulk comics, but I know enough of what the story is suppose to be. With all of this going, did Hulk turn out successful? short answer: no. The movie kind of bombed at the box office dropping by almost 70% in its second week out. The executives at Universal were expecting alot more from the big green machine yet sadly it didn't turn out the way they wanted it. The movie also received harsh reviews with most critics although some people kind of liked it. I still wanted to see Hulk despite the reviews because I love the character of Bruce Banner/Hulk.

Plot Outline:
Bruce Banner is
a well known scientist. Before he was born, his father David (Nick Nolte), who was also a scientist, tested on himself and passed his mutated genes onto Bruce. Now Bruce, thirty-five, and his research partner Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly) are performing experiments on animals with beams called "gamma rays". The gamma rays are supposed to help heal wounds and other injuries, but it doesn't work. Once exposed to the gamma, the animals explode. Bruce is accidentally exposed to a dose of gamma rays. He should be dead, but he's just fine. Pretty soon he figures out that he can turn into a muscular 10-foot-tall monster that goes by as the "Hulk".

The story kind of follows the way of the comic, but goes off track alittle. It has the main idea of the comic books, but it doesn't follow it all the way. The movie has alot of problems. The movie doesn't feature any major villain and doesn't have any big fights that would wow anybody. I can kind of understand that their wouldn't be any villains in this movie since they want to build on the story first than concentrate on the villains, but instead they give us an enemy (Don't want to spoil anything) that really only shows up in the last 20 min's of the movie. The other issue I want to point out on is Hulk himself. Now, we all know what the Hulk should look like, but for some reason he doesn't look right in this film. The biggest issue I have this film is the camera shots. I don't know if it was the directors choice to do this, but alot of the scenes have parts cut out and put else where kind of like a comic. This works in a few scenes, but mostly, its just stupid. With all of this said, Hulk still has some enjoyable moments and this is mostly in the second half. The scene were hes fighting military tanks looks awesome.

The cast for this movie is good. Eric Bana plays as Bruce Banner/Hulk. It's just something about his quite lonely look that makes him pretty good as Banner. Hes definitely not the best choice, but hes also far from being the worse. Jennifer Connelly plays as Betty Ross and shes smoking hot. This girl looks simply ravishing as Betty Ross. She also happens to be the strong point of the cast. She gives a good performance that any Connelly fan will like. Sam Elliott plays as General "Thunderbolt" Ross and he does a pretty good job in this role. He had that great look that makes him pretty much the Ross we know in the comics. I also enjoy Elliott's voice and personally think he sounds great as Ross. Nick Nolte plays as David Banner and he too gives a good performance here. His voice and talent isn't distracted by the bad story and Nolte gives a very believable performance.

For a comic book hero like the Hulk, its pretty damn obvious that the studio would use CGI to capture the big green hero. The CGI definitely looks like it was up to the challenge to render the big beast and it did just that. There are some small scenes where the animations look alittle clunky, but for the most part, he acts right. Now as for the actual DVD disc, this movie looks great. Universal has done a great job putting together this disc because this is certainly one fine looking DVD. Its free of any grain or the horrible edge enhancements like some previous Universal DVD's had. Colors look touchable with vibrant strokes of feeling to them. Green is the most used color to no surprise and it looks wonderful. Detail is off the hook with alot of close up shots looking pretty amazing. The scenes where Ross is talking to Betty in the restaurant and that clarity you see in his mustache is unbelievable. This is one great looking disc.

The soundtrack for Hulk is very good. The music is composed by the ever so talented Danny Elfman, the man who also scored Batman and Edward Scissorhands. The movie has a good score that I'm not particularly sure is right for this movie, but it sounds very good. I was kind of hoping that the movie has a score that actually sounds right for Hulk, but I guess I couldn't find that here. The music used all around is also good and gives Hulk some meaning. If the music wont kill you than the bass will because Hulk has one excellent use of bass. This movie rocks hard with its powerful bass. Every thump and roar is easily matched with bass that it makes it perfect. I have not heard bass this strong since maybe Iron Man. Hulk's use of bass combined with the very good soundtrack makes this an easy demo material DVD. I would love to show this DVD off to my friends on my surround sound.

Hulk feels like a movie that was not given the full treatment. The story sucks and isn't very good. I found alot of problems with the plot even though the second half was kind of enjoyable. The cast is good all around with most giving good performances. The visual effects for the movie has its problems, but still manages to look great. The disc itself is easily demo material and something Id look out for in High Def. The soundtrack is very good with Elfman composing a nice score for the film even though it may not sound right for a Hulk movie. The bass is some of the strongest I heard in awhile and will no doubt blow you away. Hulk could have easily been a great fun movie to watch and yet, the first half is pretty boring. I don't really recommend this movie to anybody looking for an action movie, but maybe Hulk fans might like it. I really hope the upcoming The Incredible Hulk which opens wide this Friday, June 13th will turn out better.

Grade: D+

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