Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Rating System Announced

I have been thinking of a new rating system that will replace the old one. As you all know, my blog is devoted to movie reviews for people to understand. I think switching from numbers to letters can help people to understand the rating system more easier. I have also divided the movie into 6 sections. Well more like 7 if you count the introduction to the movie. I have also decided to add some images of the movies being reviewed in the review. I have gotten a couple emails requesting this so here you go. I cant promise that every review will have pics of the film because some could be hard to obtain, but I will do my best. Starting now, upcoming movie reviews will be based on this new rating system. Old reviews will be slowly updated to go with the current rating system so please be patient.

Section 1: Plot Outline
This section gives a brief summary of the movie

Section 2: Plot
This area actually goes deeper into the story, explaining almost everything.

Section 3: Cast
This part talks about the cast of the movie. Who played what role and where they any good?

Section 4: Picture
This section discusses the visual quality of the movie. How does the movie look?

Section 5: Sound
This area dives deep into the sound quality of the movie. How does the movie sound?

Section 6: Conclusion
Gives you the final thought about the movie. Mentions some of the above sections to wrap it up.

Actual Rating


This is a must see. A fantastic film to experience and film making at its best.

A Great movie that you should see even thought its not perfect. You will probably like it.
An average movie that might be worth checking out if your really into these types of things.
A mediocre movie that I don't recommend watching. You should probably skip it.
Don't waste your time watching this garbage. Go do something else instead

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