Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Michel Gondry Steps In For The Green Hornet

Michel Gondry is in negotiations to direct "The Green Hornet," Columbia's big-screen treatment of the classic crime-fighting hero being portrayed by Seth Rogen.

Stephen Chow had been tapped to direct but dropped out over creative differences. He is still expected to co-star as Kato, the Hornet's trusty sidekick and chauffeur.

"Hornet" follows the adventures of Britt Reid, a bored playboy who inherits his father's crusading newspaper, the Daily Sentinel. By night he is a masked hero, fighting crime with his sidekick Kato, who has incredible martial arts skills.

Rogen and his writer partner Evan Goldberg joined the project in July 20, 2007, as writers and co-exec producers. The studio is intent on making the feature one of its 2010 tentpoles.

This seems like a weird choice, but also something I kind of saw coming. I think Gondry is a talented director with a special touch. I loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and have been meaning to see Be Kind Rewind. I'm glad the film is still on track for a 2010 release, but I'm still skeptical about the film. I mean it doesn't sound interesting at all and I don't think a film like this is going to appeal to audiences when we have already seen great films like The Dark Knight and Iron Man.

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Fletch said...

A very weird choice, but as we've seen, sometimes the best superhero pics come from odd directorial choices rather than the same old studio gimps. I'm looking at you, Bay, Sena, West...