Monday, June 01, 2009

An Alien Prequel is in the Works!

Rumors coming out of Bloody-Disgusting stated that 20th Century Fox was interested in relaunching the Alien franchise with some sort of prequel, following the recent news that Robert Rodriguez would be doing the same thing for 20th Century Fox's other sci-fi creature franchise, Predator.

While there was no confirmation from the Fox camp or the trades, Collider's roving reporter "Frosty" cornered director Tony Scott at the press conference for his own remake of The Taking of Pelham 123 to get confirmation and learned that Scott-Free Productions is indeed producing a remake with director Carl Rinsch helming.

They hope that the movie, which is meant act as a prequel to Ridley Scott's original 1979 classic Alien, will be shooting by the end of the year. The original Bloody-Disgusting story suggested that they would return to the original concept of just one alien creature, and that they'd be looking for a new "Ripley."

I'm disgusted by this news and will never support Fox for this. Alien is a classic that doesn't need a remake or a reboot. I also don't think a prequel would be a good idea because if its a success, you bet your ass that Fox will continue to pump the Alien franchise for all its worth. I don't even know this new director and to give him a big franchise such as Alien, is simply ridiculous. Not only that, but its coming from 20th Century Fox which isn't the Fox that we knew back in the good old days. The company has been delivering nothing, but mediocre films lately and has always been taking creative control over the films final cut. In other words, if Fox wants this movie to be PG-13 than its going to be PG-13. Not even the director will have his say in all of this. They will cut scenes out and demand that they reshoot them instead of leaving the directors artist vision the way it should be. Cant believe this news ruined my day.

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micky said...

agree wit farzan, fuck this idea of an alien movie