Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Year: 2009
Director: Larry Charles
Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen, Gustaf Hammarsten, Clifford Bañagale
Distributor: Universal Pictures
MPAA: Rated R

Sacha Baron Cohen is back! This movie has been in development pretty much right after Borat came out and became a huge hit. Borat is replaced by Brüno, an openly gay Austrian fashion show host.

Plot Outline:
The movie introduces us to Brüno, who loves fashion and has his own TV show in his hometown of Austria. After hitting a few rode roadblocks in his Austrian TV career, he gets fired and is pretty much blacklisted from every fashion organization in the country. With the help of this personal assistant, Lutz, the two decide to take their chances and go to the United States where Brüno would attempt to become a celebrity.

Soon after arriving to the United States, the two immediately meet with a acting agent who gives him a script to try. After miserably failing, he decides to try making a show about celebrities where he interviews them about various issues. I felt the plot was missing the magic Borat had with its story. The movie wasn’t nearly as funny as Borat, but topping a movie like Borat would be an extremely hard task to do.

Just like Borat, there really isn’t much of a cast here. Sacha Baron Cohen is once again the star of the movie, starring as Brüno. And also just like Borat, Cohen never breaks out of contract even in the most dangerous things he does. Gustaf Hammarsten plays as his assistant and he does a pretty job at it, but he was a character that I felt pretty useless and unnecessary – unlike Azamat from Borat.

I found the picture quality to be pretty good for a low-budget movie like this. The movie is pretty colorful, with colors being very vivid and popping out thanks to all of Brüno’s clothing.

This movie had some weird music added to it, but I thought it fit perfectly with the movie. The techno music gave it a perfect feel to Brüno’s personality.

If you thought Borat had some nasty moments, that was nothing compared to Brüno. Sacha Baron Cohen once again goes to the limits to do whatever is necessary to get his audience to laugh and he gets a lot of kudos for that. The plot was somewhat disappointing and the jokes weren’t as great as his previous movie, but it was still pretty funny overall. But if you liked Borat, you should definitely go check it out, just don’t set your expectations too high.

Grade: C


Farzan said...

Nice short review, I thought Bruno was pretty damn funny. It definitely wasn't as memorable or smart as Borat, but it was entertaining none the less. It seems like Cohen tried too hard this time to prove hes got balls and Bruno definitely shows it.

Amelia said...

Great review and so is the movie is brilliant too. Some comic scenes were superb and I enjoyed this movie so much. As you have said that the music is weird but it perfectly fits to the movie.
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