Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Marvel's Captain America Has Found A Director

Joe Johnston has signed on to direct Marvel Studio's “First Avenger: Captain America.”

Johnston is currently directing “The Wolfman” for Universal which hits theaters on April 3. He is also developing “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.”Johnston previously directed “October Sky“, “Jumanji“, “Jurassic Park III“, “The Rocketeer and Honey“, “I Shrunk the Kids“. Johnston won an Academy Award in 1982 for Best Visual Effects for “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

He now joins the ranks of Jon Favreau, Louis Leterrier, and Kenneth Branagh as Marvel’s dream team of directors set to turn bring the real Marvel universe to life in a series of films that will eventually converge in The Avengers in 2011.

The superhero blockbuster, based on a character created in 1941 by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, focuses on a weak man called Steve Rogers who is injected with an experimental serum which transforms him into a muscular

No writers are on board but the studio expects to hire one shortly. The film will be produced by Marvel Studio's President Kevin Feige. Executive Producers on the project are Louis D’Esposito, Stan Lee and Marvel Studio's Chairman David Maisel. Paramount Pictures will distribute “First Avenger: Captain America” worldwide.

Captain America is scheduled for release May 6, 2011.

Im not sure about this. I'll have to see how The Wolfman turns out, which so far looks pretty cool.

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micky said...

i would have went with robert zemeckis or bryan singer, but will see when the movie comes out