Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Universal Getting "Nutty" Again?

Universal and Imagine Entertainment are in the early stages of developing a new "Nutty Professor" movie, in what would be the third installment of the remake of the 1963 Jerry Lewis vehicle. An open call is out to writers for their take on a potential third entry.

Although it has been eight years since the last "Nutty" came out, executives are interested in a new version that would follow "The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps."

The sequel to 1996's "The Nutty Professor," "Klumps" had a less corpulent box office gross than its predecessor, earning $162 million worldwide vs. the $270 million of the first installment. Still, the franchise has proved profitable, and a third installment could prove attractive for Universal.

Murphy is not attached to the new movie, but his involvement would be contingent on the writer, director and other elements. Murphy's comic versatility was seen as key to the success of the two "Nutty" movies, and it seems unlikely that a third installment could go forward without him.

I enjoyed the first Nutty Professor movie and thought the second one was somewhat funny. I'm not sure about a third film, but It would definitely put Eddie Murphy's career in a somewhat better position than it already is. His last film Meet Dave was a huge commercial flop and maybe this film could be the one that brings him back on top. I don't know, too early to call.

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micky said...

eddie murphy has really lost it. his movies havent been funny in a long time. i wonder if this movie will still be funny if it gets made