Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Universal Bringing Hasbro's Monopoly To Life

The Hasbro-Universal collaboration "Monopoly" is jumping a large number of spaces up the board.

The feature project has brought on Pamela Pettler to write the screenplay; She penned Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride," Gil Kenan's "Monster House" and the upcoming animated adventure "9," produced by Burton and Timur Bekmambetov.

And Ridley Scott, who has been attached as a producer on "Monopoly" and has been mentioned as a possible director, is now officially attached to helm the project, with an eye toward giving it a futuristic sheen along the lines of his iconic "Blade Runner."

In addition to Scott, Giannina Facio and Hasbro's Brian Goldner are also producing the movie, which will shape a narrative out of the iconic real-estate game. Lawrence Grey will oversee for Universal and Bennett Schneir will oversee for Hasbro.

Universal is working with Hasbro on several projects as part of a long-term development deal.

I think this could turn out either way. I would love to see Scott tackle a project this weird and add some Blade Runner feel to it. I think that would be a cool idea to see. Than again, the movie could end up pretty mediocre considering its based on a famous board game.


Buffalo Bills Hotel & Casino said...

I can not imagine how it is the plot of this movie

Farzan said...

I cant either, but im very curious to see how Scott tackles this project and how the final film turns out.