Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost join Spielberg’s Tintin Film

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost will play the Thompson Twins in Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg’s two-pic "Tintin" project.

The 3-D performance-capture films, based on Georges Remi's comic books and co-financed by Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment, will center on Tintin’s globetrotting adventures as a fearless reporter. In the books, the Thompson Twins are a pair of incompetent, clumsy detectives who can only be told apart by the shape of their moustaches — Thompson, with a “p,” has a flat moustache, while Thomson, without the “p,” has a flared version.

As previously reported, Andy Serkis will play Tintin’s sidekick Captain Haddock. Tintin has yet to be cast. Thomas Sangster had been set for the role, but exited the project when it was delayed due to funding difficulties caused by the DreamWorks/Paramount split.

The first film is still being directed by Steven Spielberg while the second is being directed by Peter Jackson.

OK, now I'm alittle more excited about this film. Both Pegg and Frost are great when working together. Here's hoping it turns out good.


CruizD said...

This is the best news for the film so far!!!
These two make an amazing duo!

Farzan said...

I agree, both are more funny when together

Rudy said...

Yeah they're funny and all, but they're not even close to being siamese twins!

Monique Elisabeth said...

It's ironic, in this picture they look like Tin Tin and his Haddock!