Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tom Hooper and Christopher Hampton Board East of Eden

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment's Brian Grazer have set "John Adams" helmer Tom Hooper to direct and Christopher Hampton to write East of Eden, an adaptation of the John Steinbeck novel.

Grazer will produce with Grand Illusions Entertainment's Jonathan Sanger and Ed Albert.

First published in 1952, "East of Eden" is Steinbeck's retelling of the Cain and Abel story, set in California's Salinas Valley. The multigenerational story focuses on the Trask brothers and a woman who comes between the siblings.

The studio hopes to put the film in production later this year.

Never read the book, but it sounds pretty interesting. The miniseries "John Adams", won over 13 Emmy awards and 4 Golden Globes so I'm sure director Tom Hooper will do a fine job with the famous novel.


David Bishop said...

The original film with James Dean seemed pretty flawless. I don't see the need for a remake.

Marcy said...

I believe Ron Howard was rumored to make this movie several years ago. I, for one, thinks he's a wonderful director and would do a fantastic job with East of Eden if he were to direct.

But I love the James Dean version. I'm not a fan of Steinbeck, but Dean's performance and Kazan's direction is worth it.

Farzan said...

Ron Howard was suppose to direct this film, but he dropped out for some reason. I think he would have been a great director for this film too, but I think Tom Hooper isnt a bad choice either