Friday, August 14, 2009

X-Men Director To Tackle Battlestar Galactica Movie?

Universal Pictures has set Bryan Singer to direct and produce a feature version of "Battlestar Galactica."

It's not clear whether Ronald Moore, exec producer of the recent series, will be invited to write the screenplay, but Singer will clearly put his own creative stamp on the project, as the studio indicates that the film will be "a complete reimagination."

Glen Larson is aboard to produce.

The original version of the series ran for two seasons on ABC beginning in 1978. Singer had long been intrigued with "Galactica" and flirted with relaunching it into a TV series right after he directed the original "X-Men". At the time, he was teamed to exec produce the series with Tom DeSanto and to direct the pilot of the new version.

The director got busy on other projects, but he was prescient, at the time calling the Galactica brand "a sleeping giant." Moore became the executive producer of the 73-episode series, which had a successful run on the then-Sci Fi Channel starting in 2004.

Even though I don't watch the show, I really think Ronald Moore should be involved with the movie in some capacity, considering he was the one that spearheaded the recent and successful version of Battlestar Galactica on SyFy. I'm also a big Bryan Singer fan because the guy is simply talented. I know people are going to continue hating him for Superman Returns, but if you guys knew the whole story with that project than you wouldn't necessarily blame him. Singer did what he could with that project, the script just wasn't up to speed with what comic book fans wanted out of Superman. Still, the guy is talented and I really enjoyed the first two X-Men films especially X2: X-Men United. I also thought his last film "Valkyrie", was pretty solid so Singer definitely has a good track record with his films. Its going to be interesting to see what creative input hes going to have on the Battlestar Galactica Movie.

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fandangogroovers said...

I didn’t watch Battlestar Galactica when it was originally on. Then last year I caught a rerun of the pilot mini series. I was hooked! I rented the series and watched them back to back. I haven’t seen the final season yet but intend to soon. Bryan Singer is a great director and if anyone is going to do it he’s the man, I just worry that the story has been told and doesn’t have that much more to say. That leads to the possibility of re telling the same story from the start. That won’t work, the plot is certain to contradict the show and it is too soon for that.