Monday, May 18, 2009

Peter Berg Bringing Battleship To The Bigscreen

Peter Berg is in talks to direct a big-screen version of the Hasbro board game for Universal Pictures. Brothers Jon and Erich Hoeber have signed on to write the script.

The game, which began in pencil and paper form in the early 20th century and is now available on platforms from cell phones to computers, consists of two players arranging a variety of ships on a grid. The game proceeds in alternating salvos as players try to "sink" the opposition's ships by guessing where they sit on the grid.

While plot details are being kept below deck, the studio is looking to make an epic naval action adventure.

Brian Goldner and Bennett Schneir are producing for Hasbro. Dylan Clark and Anikah McLaren are overseeing for the studio.

News like this makes me want to punch myself. How the hell do you make a movie based on Battleship? I can kind of see them doing an action movie like Crimson Tide mixed with alittle Perfect Storm, but why bother? I mean I respect Berg and enjoy most of his movies though Hancock was alittle disappointing. I just hope he doesn't end up ruining his career with garbage ideas like this.

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