Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Men in Black 3 in Development

At the Sony Pictures presentation of their upcoming summer line-up, Sony President of Worldwide Distribution Rory Bruer mentioned in passing the previously announced Spider-Man 4 from Sam Raimi and the long-rumored Ghostbusters 3, but the biggest surprise was that Sony plans to go back and make a third "Men in Black" movie as well.

This was the first announcement that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones might be back together again, although no further details were given in terms of how far along they are in development, whether there's a script in the works or whether indeed, it will be joining Spider-Man 4 in Sony's summer of 2011.

This is good news for fans of the series, but I personally don't think we need another one. I mean the first one was pretty good and made for a good action/comedy flick. The second one was pretty disappointing and lacked the same punch as the first one did. I'm not sure how a third Men in Black film is going to get any better. I mean if it were up to me, Id go with another Bad Boys film instead. At least those had some substance for sequels.


David Bishop said...

I think the Men in Black idea can make for a successful series of films. Just because the second one was disappointing, doesn't mean the third one will be. Maybe they even learned from their mistakes.

Farzan said...

I would love to think that way David, but I just have this gut feeling that its going to end up being the worst one in the series. Look at Transporter 3, I thought it was pretty bad and they easily had enough time to correct the mistakes that were present in Transporter 2.

David Bishop said...

Then again, Transporter 2 was so bad that it was beyond redemption. Who knocks a bomb off the bottom of their car with a crane?!

Farzan said...

I guess your right. The Transporter series didn't really have much to look forward to after the second film.