Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Verbinski Passes On Pirates 4 To Helm BioShock

After spending the better part of the last six years directing the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy, which grossed $2.6 billion worldwide, Gore Verbinski has informed Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer that he will not helm a fourth installment that's expected to set sail in 2010 with Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Sequel is in development but not yet greenlit. It's unknown how Verbinski's ankling will affect the pic's schedule.

Verbinski will instead focus on other projects that include "Bioshock," a Universal Pictures adaptation of the bestselling videogame that has a John Logan script and is likely to be Verbinski's next film as a director.

"I had a fantastic time bringing 'Pirates' to life, and I am eternally grateful to Jerry, Johnny and the rest of the creative and production team," Verbinski said. "I'm looking forward to all of us crossing paths again in the future."

Verbinski's U-based Blind Wink Prods. is developing several other potential directing vehicles, including "Clue," a live-action murder mystery based on the Hasbro board game, and a drama based on a Wall Street Journal article about the online fantasy role-playing world and its debilitating impact on the real lives of players. Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) is penning the latter.

I think this is a good thing because I don't think we need another Pirates film. At World's End left a bitter taste in my mouth and many others too. I don't see how much further they can go with another Pirates film. I'm glad Verbinski chose to go with Bioshock instead of spending another go with another Pirates film. Personally, I'm more excited about Bioshock. I played the game for the Xbox 360 and it was simply amazing. It has everything that would make an awesome blockbuster film. Engrossing story, scary water setting and some creepy looking creatures. Plus, its going to be nice to see Verbinski expanding beyond the Pirates film and doing something new. As for the fourth Pirates film, I'm sure the folks at Disney will find someone else to helm the picture. Its going to be exciting to see another director take on Pirates 4 and see what he does with the franchise even though its really not needed.


2 Dollar Productions said...

I agree as a Pirates 4 would be such a blatant money grab that it just couldn't be very good even with Johnny Depp & whatever director stepped in . . . They have been getting worse ever since the original.

Stace said...

maybe a different will bring new life.

micky said...

bioshock is a tight game and pretty creppy. hopefully the movie is just as crepy