Monday, March 09, 2009

Fantastic Four Getting A Reboot?

The two films previously released never really caught on with the fans and the studio is reportedly looking to completely retool, recast and recrew the franchise. This means no Tim Story, no Iaon, no Julian (thank the maker, he never sat well with me as Dr. Doom), no Chris, no Chiklis and no Jessica.

The first Fantastic Four in 2005 pulled in over $330 million worldwide and the second film, Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer, opened in 2007 with a total box office take of $290 million. Both made money and were commercial successes but the reviews were lackluster and the fan reaction was mediocre.

The franchise is looking to be "less bubble gum" this time round following the Iron Man template, which was a complete success in reviews and box office take but a bit darker when it came to its superhero. Iron Man was in no way as dark as The Dark Knight but was funny, action-y as well as a bit on the serious side.

I'm mostly excited about this since the previous two films were garbage and could have been MUCH better. Out of all the cast members, I always thought Jessica Alba was the complete worse choice to play Susan Storm. She didn't even look like the character from the comics and her acting was pretty terrible. I'm not sure what my cast or director would be for this reboot since I would have to think about it, but I sure do hope that this reboot stays more faithful to the comics. The Fantastic Four is a good Marvel property and with the right amount of everything, it could be something special.


The Mad Hatter said...

I'm starting to think the term "reboot" is tossed around too liberally in Hollywood. Deciding what you want to do after two movies in four years isn't a's a reaction to a "so-so" box office on the heels of much greater success by other projects in your genre.

Maybe they'd be better to do what THE INCREDIBLE HULK did. Just acknowledge the first two briefly, but move forward.

Farzan said...

I know seriously. Hollywood has sure run out of ideas and has now turned to remakes. Im still surprised that Fox would consider rebooting the Fantastic Four simply because their has only been two movies in the series and both have grossed enough to make a profit.

Christian Toto said...

Very odd ... so many other properties to choose from. Clearly not a ton of enthusiasm for these two films (which weren't terrible, although the first one flirted hard with that adjective)

PS .. tanx for kind words about my blog!