Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sorry For The Lack Of Updates

(Note: This ain't us, I just found this on google and thought it looked pretty funny)

Sorry guys for the lack of updates, but we as in the whole crew have been really busy and so we decided to take some time off. Were back now and Ill try to update the blog everyday from now on. I'm also here to tell you that their will be no more Weekend Box Office Numbers simply because its really time consuming and I'm not sure alot of people out their even liked that weekly feature. We may do something that's box office related in the future, but their wont be anything like that for now. At the Scene is going to focus more on reviews and movie news from now on. Their should be a Watchmen review going up sometime today. We also have a review coming up for the Clive Owen and Julia Roberts spy comedy, Duplicity.

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Monique Elisabeth said...

Good to know. I was wondering where you'd been. Blogging is exhausting!