Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trailer For Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock

Focus Features has released the trailer for director Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock, coming to theaters on August 14. Written by James Schamus, the drama stars Demetri Martin, Emile Hirsch, Imelda Staunton, Henry Goodman, Jonathan Groff, Mamie Gummer, Eugene Levy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Liev Schreiber.

The film is a 1969-set true story about a man, Elliot Tiber (Martin), who inadvertently played a pivotal role in making the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival into the famed happening it was. Mr. Tiber found himself swept up in a generation-defining experience that would change his life, and American culture, forever.

Been waiting for a trailer for this film for sometime now. It looks pretty good and I'm somewhat eager to see it. I enjoyed most of director Ang Lee's films except for Hulk which I thought was a disappointment. I'm alittle skeptical on how hes going to be able to handle a comedy flick like this, but Ill still see it.

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