Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johansson set for Iron Man 2

After months of negotiations, the Wrestler's comeback kid, Mickey Rourke, has finally sealed a deal with Marvel to play villain Whiplash. Rourke's team had reportedly held out for more money after Marvel's initial offer was just $250,000.

Scarlett Johansson is also joining the superhero set.Her rep confirms that the actress has signed on to play Black Widow in the Iron Man sequel opposite Robert Downey Jr. The deal was signed this afternoon.

"Scarlett is thrilled to be a part of Iron Man," her rep, Marcel Pariseau, tells me.

Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios have set a May 2010 release for part two of the blockbuster franchise. Directed by Jon Favreau, the cast also includes Gwyneth Paltrow returning as Pepper Potts, along with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Don Cheadle playing Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes.

I think this is great news since both Rourke and Johansson are talented actors. Johansson is as hot as ever and I would easily pay to see her in a summer superhero film. I'm glad everything worked out with Rourke and how he got more money out of Marvel for his role. Seriously, $250,000 honestly wasn't enough especially for a Golden Globe winner.


kaktuz' said...

never do not feel great sympathy for Scarlett Johansson, although it publishes all the talented, but for the love Michey Rourke, and I hope its good performance in this role.

Fletch said...

This is good and bad and good. Rourke on board lends (!!) credibility, not that the series even necessarily needs it at this point. And ScarJo is nice to look at, but the more I see her, the less I think of her as an actress. I'm convinced she's the female Keanu - not really a bad actor, but graced (?) with a voice that just makes her sound dumb.

coffee maker said...

Mickey Rourke will be a great addition to the Iron Man crew; he's a really talented actor despite all the other drama he attracts to himself