Friday, March 13, 2009

Warner Bros. Remaking Stephen King's IT

Warner Bros. is doing "It," tapping Dave Kajganich to adapt Stephen King's novel, with Dan Lin and Vertigo's Roy Lee and Doug Davison producing.

"It" centers on seven children in a small Maine town who confront the source of a series of murders in 1958 and again in 1985, when the cycle begins again.

The novel was previously adapted into a 1990 ABC miniseries.

Now I haven't seen the ABC miniseries, but I'm going to try to check it out as early as next week. I heard the miniseries was great and did the book some justice, but the book was vastly superior. People claimed the book was really long so capturing its storytelling and essence while fitting it into a two part miniseries was barely manageable. Not to mention it was on ABC so the blood and gore had to be kept at a minimum. Now if the miniseries wasn't long enough to fit this entire great story, how the hell is the movie going to work? I mean I would easily go with a two part movie kind of like the second and third Matrix films with the second part coming out only a month after the first part. I would also heavily advertise the movie so alot of people would watch the miniseries version while their waiting for the film adaption, but I highly doubt Warner Bros. would go this route.


Anonymous said...

I think it is good that you are remaking it because its a really good book and movie. But to remake it is going to give more of a fright.

Daniel said...

I personally think it's a terrible idea. yes the book was amazing and Tim Curry played the heck out of the movie. I really think hollywood is becoming dead in the way of new material. so a remake to *IT!* doesnt get my vote.