Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rob Zombie Returns For Halloween 2

Rob Zombie is re-teaming with Dimension Films to direct a follow-up to 2007's Halloween entitled H2. Dimension has also released this teaser poster along with the announcement.

"I am very excited to be working with Bob Weinstein again and returning to the world of 'Halloween,'" Zombie says in the press release. "The remake laid the groundwork, now it's time to really take Michael Myers to the next level. I believe we've just barely scratched the surface of where we can take this series."

H2 will pick up at the exact moment the first movie stopped and follow the aftermath of Michael Myers' murderous rampage through the eyes of heroine Laurie Strode. Tyler Mane will reprise his role as Michael Myers; it's unknown if Scout Taylor-Compton or Malcolm McDowell will encore as Laurie and Dr. Loomis, respectively.

Haven't see the new Halloween remake by Zombie, but I heard it was really bad and stayed away from the original.

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