Monday, December 01, 2008

Weekend Boxoffice Numbers

In Order

Four Christmases
Studio: New Line
This Week: $46,054,468
Last Week: -
Total: $46,054,468
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
This Week: $26,581,002
Last Week: $26,223,128
Total: $66,848,840
Studio: Summit Entertainment
This Week: $26,344,032
Last Week: $69,637,740
Total: $119,706,509
Quantum of Solace
Studio: Columbia Pictures
This Week: $18,833,552
Last Week: $26,707,945
Total: $141,418,534
Studio: 20th Century Fox
This Week: $20,004,456
Last Week: -
Total: $20,004,456
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
Studio: DreamWorks Animation
This Week: $14,207,329
Last Week: $15,661,936
Total: $159,066,369
Transporter 3
Studio: Lionsgate
This Week: $18,230,758
Last Week: -
Total: $18,230,758
Role Models
Studio: Universal Pictures
This Week: $5,191,180
Last Week: $7,324,445
Total: $57,780,820
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Studio: Miramax Films
This Week: $1,696,187
Last Week: $1,647,514
Total: $5,169,495
Studio: Focus Features
This Week: $1,941,472
Last Week: -
Total: $1,941,472

Very good opening for Four Christmases. I guess alot of people were looking for a holiday movie around the time of Thanksgiving. Looks like Bolt got the push it needed because of the Thanksgiving break. I can see the film still managing $100 million, but just not as strong as WALL·E. Twilight took a bit of a tumble falling from 1st place last weekend to 3rd place this weekend. I'm assuming it was because of bad word of mouth. The film already made back its $37 million budget so it shouldn't matter how much it makes now. Australia opened pretty good, but somewhat of a disappointment considering its trailers made it look so epic. Transporter 3 pretty much failed to wow audiences since its numbers show a good decline from the previous Transporter films. I was expecting the film to at least crack the top 5. Role Models is still staying strong. I thought it would have dropped alot this week when in fact, it didn't. I see the film easily reaching $60 million with a probable chance at $65 million. The biggest surprise this week was Milk. The Gus Van Sant film starring Sean Penn managed to bring in an impressive $1.9 million in only 36 theaters. For that kind of low theater count, this is really a big surprise. The film should open pretty big this week, I cant wait.


Monique Elisabeth said...

The thing about Bolt that's incredible is that it gained 1% in it's second week. That's almost unheard of. Even the biggest openers usually lose between 25% and 75% in their second week.

Jaccstev said...

In a tough times like this, people are looking for comic relief and Four Christmases ultimately gave them that. I see that's why the film could open very strongly this week.

David Bishop said...

I'm really disappointed that Australia didn't win the box office race in the opening weekend. Milk is the only movie that I would have been cool with beating Australia, but it somehow did much worse. Oh well.